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Wade Theron Attorneys Areas of Practice

Property Law

Property Law is a specialist field that requires a professional approach. Wade Theron Attorneys provides a variety of professional property…

Personal Injury

Personal injury is a specialized field of practice that seeks compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of another party.…

Labour Law

Employment and Labour Laws have become increasingly complex. It is recommended that you always seek legal advice and assistance from…

General Litigation

Whenever you are in a dispute that you believe cannot amicably be settled between the parties, alternatively successfully mediated, it…

Family Law

We are family law attorneys in Boksburg, East Rand, and Johannesburg focused on providing compassionate, personalized family law representation to…


Our experienced attorneys are expert drafters of lease agreements, we ensure that the leaser’s asset is protected and that his…

Estate Law

Estate planning is essential if you would like to make sure that there are no financial complications after your death.…

Entertainment Law

Wade Theron Attorneys offers a spectrum of legal services to musicians, creatives and creative agencies, management agencies, record labels, and…

Debt Collection

Our attorneys provide legal assistance with the debt collection process in South Africa, ensuring that all the guidelines as stipulated…

Criminal Law

Wade Theron Attorneys is a criminal defense law firm that specializes in Criminal Law with our offices located at Boksburg.…

Company Registration

So you’re starting or growing your very own business? We know how complicated and frustrating it can be to get…

We Are Among the Top Law Firms in Boksburg, East Rand and Johannesburg

Wade Theron Attorneys is a dynamic law firm in Boksburg and Johannesburg, offering a modern approach to providing instinctive, novel, and effective solutions to challenging legal problems.

We have a team of friendly attorneys or lawyers that are a walk or drive away ready to help with a variety of your legal problems be it business or personal.

An attorney, also called a lawyer, advises clients and represents them and their legal rights in both criminal and civil cases. This can begin with imparting advice, then proceed with preparing documents and pleadings and sometimes, ultimately, appearing in court to advocate on behalf of clients.

Our law firm in Boskburg, East Rand and Johannesburg stands strong in its belief that answers to legal problems are often found by exploring new avenues which fall outside the traditional approach.

The law is ever-changing, constantly evolving and cannot be seen as immutable and for this reason, we, as your Boksburg and Johannesburg attorneys, are dedicated to being on top of the latest developments in the legislative landscape, taking cognizance of recent decisions in our courts pertaining to a variety of fields of law.

Our passion is to ensure client satisfaction through cost effective representation and expeditious finalization of matters whilst at all times maintaining the degree of workmanship and work ethic, we pride ourselves in.

As a competent and modern law firm in Boksburg, Johannesburg, RandburgRosebank, or anywhere in the East Rand, we have a qualified team of attorneys, lawyers and professionals ready to help you make sound decisions in a risky, uncertain world. Feel free to contact us to request a virtual or physical consultation now.

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